Yellow girl – Kaylee

And look what a month does for Kaylee! At 4 weeks Kaylee is a sparkling charmer, playful and adventurous. She was one of the first pups to “jailbreak” the X-pen, and loves to come find a two-legged to play with. Thank goodness they already come when called! Kaylee went out to discover grass, just her and the two-leggeds. She wasn’t phased in the least!



Why are you aiming that phone at me? We could be playing!IMG_1009

I’m going to go find some leaves. You are boring!IMG_1011


Look how much Kaylee has changed in just two days! It’s miraculous watching these pups grow and change so quickly! Her fur is lightening around her eyes, and she’s likely to have beautiful markings on her face. Another girl who was nearly solid black at birth, she could be a dual or a sable. Only time will tell!