Red girl – River

River continues to be a big, strong, fun girl! She’s growing like a weed, and was the first to try and figure out how to play. Here she is, in the grass for the first time at 4 weeks. We try to give our pups new experiences every day now that they can see and hear and interact. River is a dual, meaning she is reddish brown and black. She was born black, and as she grows up, the black recedes until she has a “saddle” of black on her back, black muzzle and points, but is a rich brown on her legs, head (mostly looking like a very large healthy GSD). Right now River is getting her brown fur coming in on legs, ears, head and tummy. It’s fun to watch this coat color come in….it will keep changing for her first year.



River was our first born, and biggest girl. She’s strong and vocal, and was the first to clearly be able to hear. She would make a bee line for mama, and we can only guess she could hear her littermates cooing at the milk bar. She remains one of the fastest growing, and is nearing 3 pounds at just 12 days old!  Colors will change dramatically over the next few weeks, and the pups will continue to lighten (River was pure black at birth), but we think River will be a dark red sable like her daddy.



Getting her nails done for the first time, day 12, eyes open but not focused yet! She still cuddles and loves being petted and cooed over. She’s also the biggest girl at 37 ounces.