Policies and Pricing

The process of getting a puppy: Read our General Terms and Conditions under “How our Process works”, and then send in the Puppy Application and contact us.

Deposit: A deposit of $200 will secure your place on a list to receive a puppy. The remainder of the purchase price is due when you pick up your puppy at eight weeks of age. We accept deposits after we have a confirmed breeding. Deposits are non-refundable unless a puppy is not available for you (ie: gender, coat type) or if we think that we might not be placing the right puppy in your home. We take great care in matching the right puppy temperament to the right home, so it does occasionally happen that a pup is not available.

Pricing: Your deposit is applied to the purchase price. Puppies that are sold as pets/ companions are $2000. Puppies that are sold as show or breed quality are $2500, and will be sold on a co-own contract, with expectations that the dog will be shown. Breeding would be done only with our agreement on the stud or bitch to be used and terms are outlined in the co-own contract. Please note that homes that are willing to keep a puppy intact will be given priority.

Pet/Companion Spay and Neuter Agreement: Breeding your Shiloh carries a great deal of responsibility. Most people are not interested in breeding. All puppies sold as companions are not to be spayed or neutered until they are 24 months of age, or at the time of his or her hip X-rays.

Health Guarantee: We guarantee our puppies against life threatening congenital defects (apparent by 24 months).  We also guarantee our puppies against hip dysplasia (rated Pennhip: 0.6 or greater, apparent by the age of 24 months). If your puppy is found to have any of these problems, we will replace your puppy with one from another litter. No cash will be refunded. In any case, when a puppy does not meet the expectations of the health guarantee, we retain the right to have a second veterinarian’s opinion. In some cases, we will insist that the puppy be returned to us.