Notice ~ All of the puppies from our Aidan/Mercy Litter are spoken for.

Inara, our white girl, has found a way to stay at the milk bar. We’re not sure where the rest of her is! Inara finds a way18422446_1444713615615804_8643726892066778089_o.jpg18359186_1443985665688599_2990037005052561260_o.jpgKAYLEE

Wonderful news! After a 14 and a half hour labor, from first pup to last, we welcome Mercy and Aidan’s first litter, ten feisty puppies! They are sweet, and singing the song of their people well into the night. We are exhausted, exhilarated, and in love with each puppy. Please help us welcome, in the order they arrived, River (19 oz F), Simon (19 oz M), Jayne (22 oz M), Zoe (14 oz F), Malcolm (16 oz M), Kaylee (16 oz. F), Inara (14 oz F), Saffron (14.4 oz F), Shepherd (23 oz M), and Hoban aka Wash (21 oz M). Silly us, we thought they would all be Brown Coats! Mercy is an amazing first time mama, and a real trooper. Through a long hard day, proud mama Mercy kept track of her growing litter with loving devotion. Tonight we rotate pups, tomorrow we celebrate!

The gang's all here


Three Rivers Shiloh Shepherds would like to announce the confirmed breeding of is Mercy X Aidan.  Downloadable Announcement Flyer!

Interested? Fill out an Online Application Here!

or Download and Complete the ThreeRiverShilohs_puppy application and return it to threerivershilohs@gmail.com; Send deposits to: Karin Conner –  400 Columbia Point Drive, Suite #201B, Richland, WA 99352



TRS Mercyscan WCHB, GVx3, Nat. Select, Int/Nat/bCH Three Rivers Sweet Mercy of Shadowgate “Mercy” CGC HIT1/10/2014 Color: Black/ Cream Sable (Smooth) NSBR Reg. #NSB-SG-110F3C Sire: Intl/Can CH/ BCH Kai-Lyn’s Carter of Mt. Airy (Carter) ATT HT CGC ROM       Reg.# OR20120 Dam: GV BCH Shadowgate’s Flawless Victory (Kitana)     Reg. # NSB-GT-409F7BO Ht. 28 in Wt. 107 lbs. PennHip: 90TH percentile; 0.28, 0.26 Elbows: Normal; Holter: Normal Heart: OFA# SLH-CA532/14F/C-VPI-ECHO, Normal – Cardiologist; Echo Eyes: OFA# SLH-EYE24/14F-VPI, Normal DM: OFA# SLH-DM238/3F-NOPI, Clear ; TLI: Normal 2014-02-13 19.42.01Adain 1 IABCA Grand Sieger, ISSR Puppy of the year, Int/Nat/bCH Three Rivers Spirit Fire of Solace “Aidan” CGC HIT Credentialed as Therapy Dog, Service Dog

B: 8/31/2010       Color: Black/ Reddish tan Sable (Plush)

Sire: bCH PTD Solaces Aslan Amor V Dayspring   Reg.# NB3-C5-3208-B Dam: Gunny Girl Asia of Solace  Reg.# ORA-C3-7257 Ht. 30 in. Wt. 129 lbs. PennHip: 90th percentile; 0.28, 0.30 Elbows: Normal; Holter: Normal Heart: OFA# SLH-CA415/54M/C-VPI-ECHO, Normal – Cardiologist; Echo Eyes: 2/19/12 OFA# SHS-364413 DM: OFA# SLH-DM81/13M-VPI, Normal; TLI: Normal

Puppies Expected about May 3, 2017 – This litter may include smooth or plush coat dogs!