Care tips for your Shiloh

Like all dogs, Shilohs need a loving family, exercise, training, and socialization. Here are a few things to look for to make sure your Shiloh is kept in the best of health.

Be aware of your surroundings. Some things may not immediately seem dangerous, like this glass table. Aidan found out as a puppy that he could get up there and see a lot more of the yard! Needless to say, that table got moved.


Galen with his heart monitor on, with a shirt over it to protect both the monitor and him. Holter monitor tests are required for our puppies. They provide early detection of any issues and help us in the improvement of the breed.
Kai with a toy: Exercise and play are both important for maintaining health and stimulating their brains.


Kai is keeping cool. When temperatures rise in the summer, be sure to provide a place for the Shilohs to keep cool. Shade and water are a must!

Here’s a key to keeping track of your Shiloh’s temperature.
Aidan is keeping comfortable, another important aspect in the life of a Shiloh.
Bath time!! Grooming is very important. Keep your Shiloh bathed, brushed, and vaccinated.