Welcoming our newest litter!

Wonderful news! After a 14 and a half hour labor, from first pup to last, we welcome Mercy and Aidan’s first litter, ten feisty puppies! They are sweet, and singing the song of their people well into the night. We are exhausted, exhilarated, and in love with each puppy. Please help us welcome, in the order they arrived, River (19 oz F), Simon (19 oz M), Jayne (22 oz M), Zoe (14 oz F), Malcolm (16 oz M), Kaylee (16 oz. F), Inara (14 oz F), Saffron (14.4 oz F), Shepherd (23 oz M), and Hoban (21 oz M). Silly us, we thought they would all be Brown Coats! Mercy is an amazing first time mama, and a real trooper. Through a long hard day, she kept track of her growing litter with loving devotion. Help us celebrate! The gang's all here


  1. How blessed you are! I too have a Mercy that is a GSD. But all your pups look absolutely gorgeous. I pray for their continued health as they grow by leaps and bounds.

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